Bite-Sized Book Club

A comforting community for new parents where the reading is short and the conversation joyfully disjointed.

For parents of newborns (Bring your babies ages 0-9 months)

No time to think, let alone read? This bite-sized book club is for YOU. Join other new parents to read fun, inspiring micro-fiction as well as engaging articles and short stories all hand selected by LᐧMᐧNᐧOᐧPlay!. Just because you can’t finish a thought, doesn’t mean you aren’t still a badass intellectual.

How the Magic Happens

  • Community time for:

    • Adult connection

    • Baby play with developmentally appropriate materials and board books

  • A facilitated, yet relaxed conversation around the week’s theme and story/micro-fiction selection.

  • Bite-Sized preview of next week’s reading selection

Fall 2019 Schedule

fridays; october 4th - november 8th


LᐧMᐧNᐧOᐧPlay! at 143 West 27th Street NY, NY 10001