Our Vision


Progressive and Traditional Education:

finding the balance.

These days, many parents who choose a progressive education for their child feel that they have to sacrifice foundational literacy skills. Likewise, parents who choose a traditional approach worry that they are sacrificing play-based learning.

At LᐧMᐧNᐧOᐧPlay! you don’t have to choose.

If the vehicle and method for learning is deeply respectful of the learner’s cerebral development and interest, then the content can be limitless.

Our distinct approach is an artful combination of age appropriate play based activities and lessons that motivate and inspire children to love literature and literacy. Children at LᐧMᐧNᐧOᐧPlay! have fun, play freely and, also work hard. They are so engaged that they don’t even realize how much they are learning.

In short, we are the chocolate zucchini bread of literacy learning!

How does it all happen?

Each class at LᐧMᐧNᐧOᐧPlay! is intentionally designed with both a cerebrally strengthening literacy objective as well as an esteem building play-based mission in mind. To this end, we use multi-sensory engagement, play and uniquely designed educational materials. Lessons build upon lessons so that as we grow individually, we also grow as a community of learners.

At LᐧMᐧNᐧOᐧPlay! we are thrilled to have discovered a way to make the first steps into a lifelong journey of reading and writing safe, fun and rewarding. It would be our honor to have you and your family join us on this adventure.